We would lie down And listen to the radio Play songs we only heard about From our parents On all of their anniversaries . We were breathing antiques When everyone on Our timelines was caught up in making Existentialism Their favourite trend To follow . I always urged you To take me out somewhere Away, […]

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An insecure woman

The flower vase on the bookshelf Mocks me For I, am an insecure woman Someone else, always Prettier Fuller Warmer My laughter is a thick tone Of hesitance wrapped in hope My pens run dry as I read A poem from a woman About her favourite cemetery A poem from a man About his compulsive […]

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Sylvia Plath

It didn’t take me long To resonate with every time You cursed mirrors And called candles liars For telling you you’re more beautiful Than you felt you were . There are days I wake up Looking for a nail cutter That I can use To cut my fingers off So that I will run out […]

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You gleamed in shadows Blacker than the completing stroke of twilight Still not as naked as our souls That burnt stronger than Earth fire . I felt like I was choking Barbed wires, all my breaths You stood with a leaf At the last stage of autumn Telling me to not die . The night […]

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You have known the only way To stomach secrets Is by watching others Choke on theirs . Fingers, hotter than embers You reach out always With splinters for nails All set to engrave Questions on your lover’s skin . You have teeth Sharper than the last sentence My dying grandfather Left incomplete All set to […]

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